Timeless Carts Overview

Design & Build Quality
Oil Quality
Number of Puffs

Timeless Carts fill their cartridges  with high quality THC oil from premium medical grade flower. Originally from Arizona, Timeless Vapes handcrafts the flavor profile of all of their oils with terpenes to bring you really great flavors and a variety of strains. Timeless Vapes cartridges are widely available in California, Arizona and Oklahoma and you can buy them wherever most cannabis products are sold. timeless thc carts

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    • Premium oil quality
    •  Great tasting flavor
    • Strong pulls with a lot of smoke
    • Large selection of flavors and strains
    • No fillers or artificial flavoring


  • The oil can hit pretty harsh
  • The flavor is ok but leaves a bitter taste on the tongue

Recommendations: I believe that the information they provide on the packaging should be improved. Maybe include percentages of THC and CBD to show the costumer.

See below our video review on the Timeless Vapes cartridges. Continue reading to see a more in-depth review. timeless carts price

Timeless Vapes cartridges are overall great quality

Timeless Vapes have wonderfully manufactured cartridges. And they fit nicely in my universal 510 threaded vape pen. The oil that Timeless Vapes puts in their cartridges are exceptional quality distillates with naturally sourced terpenes. It’s those terpenes that give the oil it’s excellent flavor. For this Timeless Vapes review, I tested their SFV OG indica cartridge. timeless thc carts

Timeless Carts Cartridges have a solid design, use real CCELL

The vape cartridges have a nice thick chamber on them, and the mouthpiece is a nice smooth mouthpiece and that’s not a bad thing. The only problem is that the chamber and mouthpiece are both plastic. It actually makes the vape cartridge feel quite substantial and the overall feel of the cartridge is great, but I have a preference against plastic because the plastic can permeate into the oil because of the terpenes. The Timeless Vapes cartridges have a design that reminds me of Cresco cartridges, except those are glass. timeless thc carts

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Timeless Vapes cartridges have high quality distillate

The THC oil within the cartridges have been purified through a distillation process. However, the fine people over at Timeless Vapes made sure that the oil was also purged of any solvents that were used during the distillation process. What they leave behind is a really strong  tasting, solvent-free concentrate that hits a bit harshly but at least it has a fantastic amber color. timeless thc carts

Packaging lacks information

Although this isn’t too big of a deal, I feel I should reiterate that the packaging of the Timeless Vapes cartridge didn’t have any potency information about the oil. Some packaging, like the one for the Airo Pro, have very detailed information about the oil.

Decent flavor and uplifting high on the indica cartridge that was pretty light Timeless Carts

I have never been a fan of  brands using terpenes to enhance the flavor of their oils and concentrates, especially because you can never know where they sourced their flavors. Timeless Vapes, however, enhances their distillates with natural terpenes for natural flavor. The zest of lemon and pine really make the SFV OG cartridge shine, but the pungent notes leave  very bitter aftertaste that settles for a while on the tongue. For an indica, the high on this Timeless Vapes cartridge was very light. timeless carts price

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Timeless Vapes doesn’t have the best taste for potency

Usually a great tasting cartridge will hit very light but these cartridges got me high pretty quickly. It was an uplifting high that lasted for about a couple of hours of hours after a few big hits. Their distillate boasts a THC potency of over 80% but still hits a bit harshly. The high does build up nicely, though. When I think about the high, Select Elite cartridges are a great comparison, which I recommend for a smoother smoke.

Efficiency was not as good because oil vapes fast

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The Timeless Vapes cartridge  was not the best at efficiency. It only took me about a day before I noticed that I had made a substantial dent in the amount of oil in the cartridge. I will probably be smoking it for the rest of the week, but i doubt that the cartridge will last past the weekend.

Higher heat made bigger clouds but effected taste

I tested the cartridge on all three settings on my pen. High, medium and low. When I put my pen temperature on  high I got satisfying smoke but it hit a bit more harshly than i would like. Also the flavor was effected a little. Set your pen on high if you want bigger clouds, but smoking on high also used up more of the oil, which is a problem.

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Timeless Vapes has perfect flavor at medium heat

I recommend using this cartridge on a lower heat setting to enjoy all the nice terpene flavor. It also lets the oil last a while longer, but the star of Timeless Vapes is definitely the flavors. moreover, I found that smoking it on a medium temperature allowed more flavor and also helped with the bitter aftertaste.

I don’t think would buy Timeless Carts again but I would smoke it in a pinch

I didn’t really enjoy the experience I had with Timeless Vapes cartridges. It was very smooth and came at a good price, however the smoke was pretty harsh. There was also a heavy bitter aftertaste the oil left on the tongue. That was a bit off-putting.

Yet, with all of the flavors and strains available at Timeless Vapes I wouldn’t mind trying a few other cartridges. They have a lot of flavors to offer. They have so much variety and I’m sure I might be able to try some other flavors one day, and maybe have a better experience. .